Admission Avoidance (admission to hospital)

Dear Patients

We have been considering ways to better support our patients with chronic conditions to prevent you getting worse, or if you do get worse, to respond promptly to help you.

We appreciate that every person is different and would need different support. However, we also know that in many cases there are some general things we can do to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible, and if you do get unwell, you receive the care and support you need to recover quickly.

Some of the general things we recommend are that you take your medicines regularly. If for any reason you think your medicines are not agreeing with you or are not strong enough, please contact us to discuss this and not just stop taking your medicines.

We would also advise that you have the yearly flu jab which has been shown to reduce illness in the winter seasons.

We recommend that you have your long-term condition reviews and medication reviews with one of our in-house Clinical Pharmacists regularly.

As a surgery, we prioritise people like you, to see and attend to you promptly, so if you call us, please inform reception that you are in the priority group so that we can prioritise your call.

We recommend that you keep letters from Nurses or specialists who may also be involved in your care so that you can refer to them.

Please note any telephone numbers of the District nurses or other community teams who may be looking after you.

If you have a non-emergency condition when we are closed, please call 111.

More and more people are choosing to decide and plan ahead in case they reach a point where they do not want more invasive treatments. If you would like to discuss this with us, please contact us. We can also plan ahead with people who have specific preferences about where they want to be treated. Please contact your GP if you want to discuss such issues.