Enhanced Access

JS Medical Practice continues to deliver our current ‘Extended Hours’ appointments. From October 2022, a new specification will exist to deliver these appointments, which will be newly known as ‘Enhanced Access’.

The offer is based on providing bookable appointments outside core hours within the Enhanced Access period of 6.30pm-8pm weekday evenings and 9am-5pm on Saturdays, utilising the full multi-disciplinary team, and offering a range of general practice services, including ‘routine’ services such as screening, vaccinations and health checks, in line with patient preference and need.

JS Medical proposes to continue to offer the following:

  • 1hr 30mins 6:30PM-8PM EVERY MON (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)
  • 60mins 6:30PM-7:30PM EVERY TUES (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)
  • 45mins 7:15AM-8AM EVERY THURS (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Whilst these early morning hours do not fall under the new specification, JS intends to continue these hours for the benefit of our patients.

  • 1hr 30mins 6:30PM-8PM EVERY TUES (Health Care Assistant)

We have extended this service to 8pm

  • 30mins 6:30PM-7PM EVERY TUES (Practice Nurse)
  • 3hrs 6:30PM-8PM EVERY TUES/WEDS (Clinical Pharmacist)
  • 45mins MON AND/OR TUES (GP)
  • 1hr 30mins MON-FRI (GP)

JS Medical Practice intends to commit to run a minimum of 7.6 hours per week (60% of the service specification) during weekdays. We also intend to allow our Federation, who already runs an established Hub service, which we currently utilise for our patients, to run 5 hours of Enhanced Access appointments per week (40% of the service specification) to ensure access is maximised for the benefit of our patients.

We would love to hear from our Patient Participation Group and all our Patients with their thoughts on this proposal by completing the below feedback form. We look forward to hearing from you.